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Full guide for travelling to Nha Trang All tips to remember

With a range of 7 km long white sand and turquoise sea with impressive seabed, Nha Trang has since become a must for all lovers of water sports and beach holidays in Vietnam. With Halong Bay and the Bay of Lang Co (Hue), this destination is also

Must visit pagodas in Vietnam

One of the features that distinguish Asian countries like Vietnam is the presence of pagodas in their respective regions. The construction of these places of worship meets strict rituals according to each tradition. In Viet people, they generally have a wooden frame with powerful iron columns that

2 Best adresses for best Pho in Hanoi

Thạch Lam, famous writer in the biginning of 20th century said: Pho ( Noudle soup)  is a special  Hanoi’s gift, even Pho is not only made in Hanoi, but only in  Hanoi, Pho  is the best. In Hanoi, you can find easily  in every corner a Pho

Bun Cha, One of 10 best Hanoi typical dishes

Today, we introduce you another typical Hanoi food:  Bun Cha (pronounced “Bun Cha” in Vietnamese). For any of us, it’s delicious, easy to find out many restaurants in Hanoi center, and the price are cheap . When going out, like many others Vietnamese, we plan to eat

In the South of Vietnam, don’t miss these dishes

As many know, Vietnam has many regional cooking . The North are very famous with Pho ( read about Pho and best adresses  ) and Bun Cha ( read more  Bun Cha, One of 10 best Hanoi typical dishes ) , Hue , Hoi An and coatsline

Sa Pa, resort town in moutain of the North Vietnam

Sa Pa is an amazing destination worth a visit during your  trip to North Vietnam. This oasis of wellbeing is not only the ideal spot for a relaxing holiday with its pleasant atmosphereand also great place for adventure lovers with many trails crossing deep valleys and hight