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Hmong lady in Sapa

Hmong lady in Sapa

Vietnam has a unique culture, landscapes and spectacular natural sites and more than that, one hospital and endearing people. Bordering China, Cambodia and Laos, Vietnam, yet immersed in a legendary past, stretches over 2000 km from the Chinese border to the sub-equatorial regions of the Mekong Delta. Classic travel destination for its exoticism, its wealth and its cultural potential, the country of adventure rare charm attracts the traveler in search of human contact and authenticity. Accompanied by a local private guide, our unique journeys to Vietnam will help you discover the hinterland and interact with locals

Our individual and customized itineraries with local guide are traced through even remote areas to help you meet the local people. Our adventure travel in Vietnam are also marked by visits unavoidable and cultural spots such as: Halong Bay, Hanoi, Hue, Saigon …

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After nearly two decades of isolation, Vietnam has finally opened its doors to the World , and immediately travelers fall in love with this enchanting country.

Vietnamese cuisine is especially thin and light. Rice is the basic food and accompanies most dishes: beef, pork, poultry and vegetables. The seafood – shrimp, fish, crabs will occupy an important place. Among the specialties: Pho , the famous “spring rolls” … Wide variety of fruits.

Vietnam’s population is largely rural: almost 80% of Vietnamese work the land to which they are traditionally being deeply attached. Across the country, travelers can experience the atmosphere of village festivals and festivals that punctuate the lives of farmers.

Vietnam market

Vietnam market

Vietnamese markets are full of products that you sell or trade in the public square. The floating markets in the Mekong Delta, offer a fascinating spectacle, barges and junks, overloaded with goods, which meet in the morning on the river. The market is a privileged place from which to meet the locals. It is also for some, the ideal place to find the ven sister. Thus, in the mountains of northern Vietnam, young people in the region are looking for potential partners in these picturesque markets.

Chinese and Indian influences, which are now highly present in the Vietnamese culture were spread throughout the country’s history, through wars and attempted invasions that have been the target for many thousands of years.

In this country of about 80 million people, the Kinh or Viets represent 90% of the population. A dominant group in addition 54 other ethnic minorities that inhabit the various regions of Vietnam. These minorities, such as the Tay, Thai, Muong, H’mong, Dao, Dzay … mainly live in mountainous egions. After fiercely resisted foreign invaders, they all developed their own language and cultural identity.

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